The second Congress of Slovenian Museum Professionals

The second Congress of Slovenian Museum Professionals was made possible by the Slovene Museum Society, the Slovenian Museum Association and ICOM Slovenia.

Much was said about the concepts of ‘togetherness’ and ‘communality’. Numerous acclaimed museum professionals presented exceptional examples of forming connections on different levels, there was also a discussion on best practices and new approaches in the course of which consideration on the notions of hyperconnectivity and its application in each individual museum as well as to the museum community as a whole was encouraged. In this, a hyperconnected museum staff should serve as a base as the people who work there all steer the museum in the same direction, as sailors on a ship working together, knowing that smooth sailing can only be achieved if they work in concord. This is necessary for a museum to form connections with other institutions. So it is my wish that each museum professional be a part of a greater whole, the museum, not a lone island, as each museum becomes a part of the museum community.

This congress was an opportunity for presentation of our work, exploration of new ideas while getting to know one another, an opportunity for networking, and starting new projects together.