The Best in Heritage

Global survey of award-winning Museum, Heritage and Conservation projects, The Best in Heritage, 25-27 September, Dubrovnik

The profession needs quality information and benchmarking occasions; there are annually hundreds of awarded institutions and exceptional projects not so well known to the professional public. Aim of The Best in Heritage conference is to give this success-stories further professional and public attention, thus providing all participants with insights into innovative best practices within widening heritage domain.

The 13th edition of the meeting will host the pre-conference event “Dialogue Day” on September 25th and the “Global Heritage Forum” on 26th. Presentations of twenty-four laureates take place on 26th and 27th, with projects from China, United States, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Russia and the European Union taking the stage. The concept of Q&A sessions and moderated discussions enables for the audience to play an active role in the programme.

In addition to inspiring array of best practices, the programme, organised under special patronage of ICOM and in partnership with Europa Nostra, features rich social and cultural content prepared with help of Dubrovnik Museums, all taking place in the Renaissance city core of Dubrovnik, UNESCO’s  World heritage site.